Two Truths, One Lie

I don’t care what you think.

This is the truth.

This is a lie.


Write What You Know

‘Write what you know…’

‘Don’t write it to death…’

‘It’s so eerie and dreary and fills us with dread.’

‘Surely there’s something to write of instead?’


The teachers, their ignorance, stupidness, blindness

It’s all I can see in the world they’ve assigned us

This person, those people – life cut too short

but sure, write of rainbows, go on now, distort.


You can’t live without death –

all the rage in the papers

It’s written on walls now

who cares for those strangers?

It’s not you, it’s not us,

it was her slash his mum

the violence and anger it just carries on.


So I’ll write of death, it’s all that I know.

The living are dead, they’re just still on the road.





I’ll jump from a plane

with chute still attached

Sense before feeling

or no going back


I could swallow that pill

Be it red, white or blue

At the drop of a hat

If it came down to that


I want to dive

not to live, or to die, but to feel more alive

It’s something to do, no more, no less

It’s something aside from stagnant distress.



Analysis of Thomson’s ‘Moments’ Advert


This analysis considers the ad’s objective, strategy and target market, as well as discussing the way in which the advert fits within Thomson’s brand positioning. It also deconstructs the narrative, using semiotics to decipher signifiers, considering themes which run throughout. It ends with cultural analysis, before debating the overall effectiveness.

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