I know what you’re thinking. This is just going to be the same as all those other cookbooks which have been left untouched upon your shelves. They’ve got it all, the pretty covers, the delicious food, the household names which we all admire, but they all seem to have forgotten some critical facts: cooking can actually just take up too much time, or money, or to be frank, who eats duck d’orange on a regular basis? It can just get so boring looking through recipe books of food which looks delicious, but also in a way seems like something you would never actually eat, or even attempt to cook! This book is nothing like those other cookbooks, and when you read it you will instantly see why!

We’re injecting the fun right back into your relationship with cooking! This book is the jam that makes the donut, the chocolate that tops the eclair!

I’m not asking you to read this book, I’m just telling you that you should.

It will literally change your attitude to cooking, and to take the first steps in improving your entire life!


It goes back to those childhood days where many of us would get excited about cooking. We’re bringing back those feelings of joy when the only thing you ever had to cook was brownies and cakes. For us now though, there’s an added bonus: we’re all adults around here, so there’s no need to get a grown-up to look over our shoulders anymore! We can cook whatever we want, and with this books help, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!


Recipes that you want, and that you will eat. Cooking shouldn’t just be a necessity, it should be fun!


P.S. Just a quick warning for those ‘it’s got to be completely home-made’ people out there – this is not only a fun cookbook – it’s also a quick-meal cookbook! I am warning you there are many cheats included in this book. Why make everything from scratch when it’s so much easier, and quite often cheaper to cheat? The meals are just as delicious as completely homemade, and can be whipped up in half of the time! Now I don’t think you ever thought that you would find a cookbook like this!


 Bottomless Chicken Puffer Pie

Serves 4


I know you’re probably going to be quite astonished when you see this. Who ever heard of a chicken pie being a quick meal? You’ll be surprised just how quickly you can whip this up, and as soon as the pies in the oven you can just go and sit down with a glass of wine, or a pint, and relax until it comes out all beautiful and crispy!


Prep Time: 15mins tops!

Cooking Time: 15mins

Total Time: 30mins tops


Oven Heat: 200c


Medium Saucepan

Pie Dish

Rolling Pin


Pastry Brush


Essential Ingredients

250g Chicken (If precooked even quicker!!)

1 Standard Can Chicken/ Mushroom Soup

1 pack Puff Pastry (if rolled yet again even quicker!)

1 egg/water

1tsp Oil

Small Handful Flour


Optional Ingredients

Pick any 2 or more to bulk up the pie (no weighing even required!)




Cooked Ham



  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius
  2. Add oil to saucepan, before adding chicken.
  3. Cook chicken until white, then add soup and your optional ingredients.
  4. Mix all the soup, chicken and optional ingredients in together. Leave simmering.
  5. Put a small handful of flour on the top, and smoosh it around. Place pastry block on top of floured surface.
  6. Roll out the pastry to the right size for your pie dish.
  7. After rolling the pastry, pour the chicken mixture into the bottom of the pie dish.
  8. Cover pie filling with the pastry, cutting any excess off – you can always reroll this extra pastry and make pretty decorations for the top.
  9. Whisk the egg, and brush it over the top of the pastry with the pastry brush.
  10. Pop the pie in the oven, and go sit down and pour yourself a glass of wine/grab plates and cutlery.
  11. After the 15mins (or when the pastry is golden) remove the pie from the oven.
  12. Serve, and enjoy the look on your guests/family’s faces as they taste your amazing pie!

Added note: This recipe is even better if not serving anybody else, as this meal is delicious cold the next day, or can just be warmed up in the microwave! Go on, treat yourself!



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