Paige Blankness

I don’t know what I did wrong, or why she doesn’t come back. I sit here waiting, faithful to her, and the words already written. She is my life; without her I am nothing more than a blank slate.

 It get’s lonely. What if she never returns? What if she has left me for another shiny, new project? That’s all I am to her: a project. I used to start her heart going, but now I’m nothing more than another failure for her to add to her list. Is it me or her? Why doesn’t she understand that I am the one? Why doesn’t she see that?

We’re still waiting for her.

Nothing new has happened, and Justine waits paused in her life – unsure of what to do next. Does she even know how important she is to all of us? It’s not just me anymore. She can be so selfish sometimes. When things get too difficult she just packs up and leaves – no warning.

To put it into perspective, she is like that boy that gave you his number and promised he would call. You waited and waited, until you had to admit to yourself that you were just another number for him to delete.

She clicks off again.

No more than 224 words and she’s already bored of me.

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