100 [Possibly] Interesting Things About Me


Seeing as my life is currently full of trying to find jobs, updating my C.V. and preparing for interviews I thought I’d spend a minute trying to think up interesting things about myself. I’m probably going to be asked anyway the next time I sit down in the hot seat, so I see no harm in preparing for the inevitability of that.

I’m pretty sure that by about 3 I’ll have run out of genuinely interesting things about myself, so don’t expect the world. After all I am only human.

Disclaimer: This list may contradict itself quite a bit. Just trust me when I say it’s all true! (It really is.)

Anyway, here we go – don’t judge.

  1. I got a 2:1 in my English with Creative Writing degree.
  2. My graduation ceremony is in September.
  3. I will get to shake Dawn French’s hand.
  4. I am never happy unless I am working on about 3 things at the same time.
  5. I am currently writing a children’s book.
  6. I am currently writing a new adult book.
  7. I am currently trying to learn how to code.
  8. I am currently trying to design an app.
  9. I work on checkouts at ASDA.
  10. I used to be the assistant manager of the local Cancer Research shop.
  11. I enjoy working, and get bored when I’m on holiday.
  12. In my second year I held down 2 jobs whilst also studying full-time.
  13. I once worked 8 days in a row. In those 8 days I worked 64 hours.
  14. I once finished an essay by basically saying ‘this can be described as true, because it just is.’
  15. The marker then circled this in angry red pen, and wrote ‘but why Shana. Why?’
  16. I finished my first story when I was 12 years old. It was never typed, and I’ve now lost the original notebook.
  17. That story was called The Devil, and I spent all of my time writing it.
  18. The protagonist was called Indigo Violet.
  19. Growing up my favourite author was Enid Blyton – and I still like to read her books now.
  20. As a young child/baby/toddler thing I used to escape from my cot.
  21. I would then crawl down the stairs, out of the cat-flap and sit in the middle of the road.
  22. I once decided that I was going to go live in a play-tent in the middle of the city. I got on the train, set up the tent and then got bored.
  23. I had to get a lady to call the police, because I was lost, scared and didn’t know my parent’s numbers.
  24. I have two younger sisters.
  25. I once threw a book at my sister’s face because she wasn’t having fun on her birthday. (I was about 12 or something.)
  26. When I was younger I once spent 3 hours making handmade wrapping paper for a friend. I was devastated when she just ripped it off and left it crumpled on the floor.
  27. When one of my lecturers sent me a reference I was so touched that I considered printing it out and hanging it on a wall.
  28. I get so caught up in my passions that I forget to eat and sleep.
  29. I am starting an Advertising and Marketing Masters degree in September.
  30. When my boyfriend first moved in I ate so much pasta that he no longer likes eating it at all.
  31. I lived off 600 calories a day for a period of 2 months in my second year.
  32. I find hashtags on Twitter addictive.
  33. When I was younger I took part in the Young Enterprise scheme, and my company won the county final.
  34. We were invited to this really big local awards evening, where we met Karen Brady.
  35. I forgot her name, and ran after her shouting ‘RACHEL,’ as we had decided that we would ask her for advice.
  36. I play guitar.
  37. I write lyrics.
  38. I like singing.
  39. When I was at primary school I was one of the youngest people to be placed in the choir for the school’s musical.
  40. That musical was called Ocean World.
  41. Whilst at primary school I sang a solo in the school’s production of Yanomamo.
  42. I was a ‘hungry bat.’
  43. I have to listen to at least 2 hours of music a day with no interruption.
  44. I have written so many personal blog posts, but I’m always scared to put them up in-case people don’t like that side of me.
  45. When I first started my degree I wanted to be a teacher, but then I realised that I didn’t want to teach the children, but be friends with them instead.
  46. I can go from being absolutely exhausted to completely hyper in 2 seconds flat.
  47. For some reason people are always surprised when they learn that I’m actually clever/talented at something.
  48. When I was about 14 I went on my first girls trip out shopping. I managed to lose everything that I had bought, and then told my parents I had been mugged.
  49. People are always telling me that I do too much.
  50. I have an attentional learning difficulty.
  51. If life didn’t happen to get in the way, I would be nocturnal.
  52. Saying that, I pretty much am anyway.
  53. I once tried to convince my parents that I wasn’t Shana, but in-fact a clown that they had hired – all in the hope that they would fall for it and let me be ungrounded for a bit.
  54. I’m a very forgiving person.
  55. I get bored if I don’t find something challenging, or at the very least interesting.
  56. My favourite things to put in salad’s are raw broccoli, raw mushroom and rocket. Not necessarily together, but I love all of them.
  57. I prefer most food cold.
  58. I have so many ideas floating through my head that I have to restrict myself to only a few projects at a time.
  59. I once bought an organiser, but lost it within 2 weeks.
  60. In my GCSEs I got straight A’s other than in English where I got a B. I was so sad about that that I cried when I read my results.
  61. When I took my English GCSE I was asked to ‘describe a country scene.’ I wrote about the beach because I didn’t realise that the two could be separate.
  62. I have an office which leads off my bedroom.
  63. The doors to the office are completely made of mirrors.
  64. I often get jealous of people in trade jobs (such as painters and plumbers etc.) because they are such useful things to know.
  65. I once set fire to spaghetti.
  66. I have burned through so many oven gloves that my parents started gifting me them for Christmas.
  67. I once self-published the stories which I wrote when I was younger so that I could gift them to my friends and family.
  68. I really wish I could draw.
  69. Whenever I write a song I also picture a music video in my head.
  70. I often have full-on daydreams, where I actually voice the different people in them.
  71. I often get insecure when I see that my friends are getting married or having babies, because I feel like I might be missing out on something.
  72. The longest I have ever stayed awake for is somewhere between 48 and 54 hours.
  73. I often get irritated if people try to distract me from my work.
  74. When I get upset I don’t like people to comfort me. I like to be left alone.
  75. Leaving university scared me because it had opened my eyes up to how much I was actually capable of.
  76. I can’t drink – well occasionally I can have the odd glass, but I’m not supposed to.
  77. I’m supposed to wear tinted lenses under bright lights or when watching screens.
  78. I don’t have a favourite song. It changes from day to day.
  79. Although I absolutely love music I often put off listening to an artist’s new material because I am scared that I won’t like it as much as their old stuff.
  80. My house is a mess.
  81. Despite having my office, I normally write in my bed.
  82. I am asthmatic.
  83. There’s no way I’m going to be able to reread this list to make sure I haven’t repeated anything.
  84. My dad used to have a model train track in our garden.
  85. I don’t like confrontation.
  86. I prefer working alone, but I can work in a team.
  87. When I get bored I tend to zone out, so instead of getting bored I make up little funny scenarios in my head.
  88. I took A-level French. I got an A in the speaking, but an ungraded in my written. (I still don’t understand to this day how there was such a disparity.)
  89. I did work experience in a French primary school.
  90. I am a spontaneous person.
  91. Me and my boyfriend knew each other for 3 days before we practically moved in today.
  92. We’ve spent less than 7 nights apart since then in almost 2 years.
  93. I’ve had 3 different driving instructors.
  94. I hate monotony.
  95. I spend quite a bit of my spare time watching property programmes and looking on Rightmove.
  96. Me and one of my uni housemates once decided to rent a house based only on the pictures. My other friend made us go view it in-case it was awful, but we ended up living their anyway.
  97. I used to have an anonymous blog which spoke about my time at uni.
  98. I have 4 or 5 different books which I have detailed character descriptions and plots for, but that I’ve had to side-line because I just don’t have the time to write those as well as the 2 I’m actually working on.
  99. At uni I decided to submit the beginning of a fantasy novel despite the fact that I had never read fantasy. I got a 2:1.
  100. To this day I’m yet to work out whether I’m shy or not.


I really can’t believe I managed to think up 100 things about myself.

Not sure how many of them I could actually use for a job interview, but at least I have a place to start. I mean, some of these aren’t that awful…

p.s. If you’re worried about the fact that I was a demon child, I’ve grown into a respectable human being. Everybody who knows me knows that I couldn’t hurt a fly.



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