As I begin to fall I feel nothing but speckles of rain blasting against my cheeks, and a sense of freedom that surges vividly through my body – a type of freedom which both frightens and excites at the same time. This is it; I have waited months for this exact moment. It will be over soon, and then I will never have to feel trapped again.

This is taking so much longer than I’d expected. I had thought it just one little jump. One jump and it would all be over- but I’m still dropping. Still hurtling closer and closer to the rocky ground below. Why will this not end! This jump seems to just go on and on. It’s almost as bad as the journey here, and that had been the worst truck journey ever. As I reminisce I shiver to think of what could of happened – we could have seriously crashed, and that would have ruined everything. I wouldn’t even be doing this at all.

I’m so glad that there Adriano was a competent driver. Of Argentinian descent he had started the day like any other day – as one of the unseen. One of those people who nobody sees as a person. Somebody seen simply as a service. He had been almost shocked when i’d spoken to him, puzzled perhaps by my intent questioning of the Golden Runes of Alego. After deep discussion we had left quickly, and as the ex-military truck somehow managed to stay on the track I was glad that I had finally met someone who could actually drive properly.

As we meandered up tiny cart-track, I remember gazing upon the other passengers in the truck. There were 8 of them: 1 girl and 7 men and we all sat in silence, watching the girl – mesmerised by the idea that she was here at all.

She just didn’t seem the type of person who would want to jump – and those were the only type of people who came here. I made this judgement simply from observation : she just looked completely different from the others. Her waved locks fell delicately down towards her tanned shoulders, and each glistening hair reminded us that she had obviously had a shower that morning. She just didn’t look right: nobody jumps of a mountain looking like that? She obviously had no idea how she would look after.

I don’t know why I spent so much time looking at her – it couldn’t simply be because she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. There had to be more to it than that. Looking back it might have been because I needed to distract myself from the drive, or maybe it could have been the slightly green colour which started to infiltrate her otherwise pixie-like face. Scared of heights perhaps, or travel sickness maybe? I don’t know. I just remember her asking for gum to chew, and the only gum on the truck already being chewed by some old guy who I vaguely recognised from my childhood. Of course he offered her that, I mean nobody could have resisted an excuse to talk to her, as I’ve already said – she was absolutely stunning.

As she smiled and thanked him her lips parted, showing a space where a tooth should have been – the single defect of an otherwise angelic creation. That doesn’t matter any more. She doesn’t matter any more. Adriano doesn’t matter any more. I am the only one ho matters. Right now is my moment – a moment I will never have again. This drop will only ever happen once.

I spread my arms wide – spinning slightly as I laugh happily. I can do whatever I want! I flap my arms wildly, imitation the blur of birds which surrounds me. A sadness fills me for

just a second – soon this will end, and it’ll be over. I quickly push this thought from my mind – I still can’t believe that I’ve really done this.

The ground below me is looming even closer now. I can even see each tile on the little terracotta roof top of the cathedral.

I need to save this moment.

I pull sharply on the chord and my heart falters for just a second, scared that it wont work. It does work, and I’m violently jerked out of my daydreams by the upwards force of the parachute.

As I glide slower now towards the ground, I smile down at the other awaiting my arrival. They look happy – excited after the jump that we have just taken. Everything is good; I never thought Id see my story turn this way.

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