712 More Things to Write About!

So whilst I was tidying up today I found a book which I had been so excited about. I actually remember buying this book, and at the time I thought to myself ‘It’ll encourage me to write everyday!’ About 2 years later, it really didn’t work, and as I picked it up I thought about it again – 712 things? That was more than just under 2 years of subjects if I did one each day.

You know where this is going already… I’m going to go through the book, and upload one piece a day, with a refreshed hope that this will make give me some direction in my writing, and make sure that I’m writing something each and everyday.

So… here we go.

Wish me luck, I’ve never exactly been the best at daily blogging…

Just incase you’re wondering exactly what I’m going to be writing about, I myself don’t even have an idea. I mean, today was ‘Write Yesterday’s Horoscope,’ so who knows what I’ll be writing by the end of this!

Shana x

p.s. You may be wondering why I’m starting with the 2nd book in the same series – simply put, I had the first one but we have just a ‘minor’ mould issue in our flat, and so I had to throw it away with a lot of other books that had just been completely destroyed 😦

RIP all books lost in the culling of Jan 2017.

2 thoughts on “712 More Things to Write About!

  1. Good luck with this idea Shana… a little tip for you coming from someone who religiously writes a journal of every day of his life… it’s all about developing discipline. Set a certain time each day (in my case it’s usually around 18:00) and no matter what, just write something… anything. Even if it’s just one line. Stick to that and slowly over time (and it does take time to get into the habit) you’ll slip into it and your body clock and brain will start reminding you it’s time to write. It is easier said than done since we’re all easily distracted, but pick a time where you know each day you’ll have a few minutes to spare and stick to it no matter what. Somedays you’ll struggle to write anything at all, others, stuff will pour out. It’s about persistence and developing that discipline!

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    1. That’s exactly why I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve never been the best at keeping journals and diaries and I really want to change that.

      Unfortunately I’m not in a position where I will be able to write the same time every day as my shifts vary from early mornings to late nights, but at least with this book I’ll have something new to write on each day!

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