Day 2 -Craiglist Ad

“Your partner writes a Craigslist ad to get rid of an item of yours that they totally hate. What does it say?”


FLOOR CLOTHES – Open to Offers

25-30 items of female clothing ranging from size 14-24, currently stored in a no-smoke, no-pet floordrobe.

All clothes in relatively good condition, and have been washed at some point in the last month or so.

Floor clothes also include numerous sets of ASDA uniform, so opportunity to gain new uniform at a highly discounted price.

Can be collected, or sent via Royal Mail (buyer pays postage)



Today’s prompt made me laugh, and when I asked my partner if there was anything of mine that he truly hated, his answer made laugh even more – it was definitely not PG, and there was no way that I was going to write about it online. It took me about 10 minutes to get something  out of him that that he even slightly disliked and that I could actually bring myself to write about – basically he completely loves me, belongings and all…

Shana x

P.S. – Trust me, if it had been me writing a Craigslist ad for his stuff, I would have had difficulty getting it down to a single item – It would have probably been more like ”3 unpacked boxes of probably useless things – offers accepted.”

P.P.S – Is this even a safe thing to do for the seller? Can the police not just use the site to arrange a pickup and then arrest the dealer? Just saying…


5 thoughts on “Day 2 -Craiglist Ad

  1. He he he… that’s a good ‘un!

    Let’s see… one about my ex and items I hated… hmmm…
    “30-35 vodka bottles. 100% empty. A wide range of brands, but mostly cheaper ones. Some green, some white. Still have their labels attached. Handled and enjoyed by one female only. Possible DNA to be found around the tops. Due to weight, buyer must collect. Whilst I have your attention, any interest in 60-65 whisky bottles in similar condition only difference being only handled by one despairing male?”

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I think you might get more interest in the whisky bottles if you get a female friend to come over, and picture her drinking from one, then you can say that they have been drunk from by a female, and I’m sure then they might go :L

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      1. He he he! Yes… could go either way but I did have my ex’s mouth and spittle in mind as she would drink straight from the bottle… and drain it faster than you could imagine. I remember once going to the local wine bar with her. She bought a bottle, poured me a glass and after twenty minutes, I’d only sipped mine about three times and she was back at the bar ordering the next bottle as she’d already drunk the rest of the bottle by herself. She put away 4 full bottles in 2 hours and I still hadn’t emptied that one glass. That was when I realised she had a problem… cue a couple of years of madness and in the end she was faced with the choice between me and the bottle… and she chose the bottle! Took me a long time to recover from that!

        I am relieved to report she did finally mend her ways and she’s doing great now but unfortunate I was the partner who suffered for her alcohol problem. Ah well… that’s life!


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