Day 3 – Thank-You Note

“A thank-you note for a weekend visit where everything went wrong.”

Dear Sally,

Thank you so very much for inviting us to stay for Fiona’s birthday. It was absolutely lovely to see you again after such a long time. I can’t believe how she’s grown – it won’t be long at all until Geoff is walking her down the aisle!

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Day 2 -Craiglist Ad

“Your partner writes a Craigslist ad to get rid of an item of yours that they totally hate. What does it say?”


FLOOR CLOTHES – Open to Offers

25-30 items of female clothing ranging from size 14-24, currently stored in a no-smoke, no-pet floordrobe.

All clothes in relatively good condition, and have been washed at some point in the last month or so.

Floor clothes also include numerous sets of ASDA uniform, so opportunity to gain new uniform at a highly discounted price.

Can be collected, or sent via Royal Mail (buyer pays postage)


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712 More Things to Write About!

So whilst I was tidying up today I found a book which I had been so excited about. I actually remember buying this book, and at the time I thought to myself ‘It’ll encourage me to write everyday!’ About 2 years later, it really didn’t work, and as I picked it up I thought about it again – 712 things? That was more than just under 2 years of subjects if I did one each day.

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My Perfect Holiday – Aged 10

So recently I managed to recover a whole load of my writing from when I was younger. Although most of it seemed to be rewrites of Enid Blyton, I found my entry to a village show entitled ‘My Perfect Holiday.’ I have to admit as soon as I read the title I remembered that I hadn’t gone for the usual Disneyland or Hawaii, but still – I like it – even if it’s less like a holiday and more like a dream sequence.

My Ideal Holiday

My Ideal Holiday. How can I describe my ideal holiday except for maybe… perfect? The vacation of my dreams requires much imagination, for it is one that is simply out of this world…

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