Day 3 – Thank-You Note

“A thank-you note for a weekend visit where everything went wrong.”

Dear Sally,

Thank you so very much for inviting us to stay for Fiona’s birthday. It was absolutely lovely to see you again after such a long time. I can’t believe how she’s grown – it won’t be long at all until Geoff is walking her down the aisle!

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Day 2 -Craiglist Ad

“Your partner writes a Craigslist ad to get rid of an item of yours that they totally hate. What does it say?”


FLOOR CLOTHES – Open to Offers

25-30 items of female clothing ranging from size 14-24, currently stored in a no-smoke, no-pet floordrobe.

All clothes in relatively good condition, and have been washed at some point in the last month or so.

Floor clothes also include numerous sets of ASDA uniform, so opportunity to gain new uniform at a highly discounted price.

Can be collected, or sent via Royal Mail (buyer pays postage)


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